Difficult Airway Algorithm and Rescue Cricothrotomy (DAARC) Program

Do you need a tool for you or your staff to brush up on their off floor intubation skills?

Does your staff need to fulfill their ABA MOCA requirement? 

Would you like an airway team training tool?

Well, the VA has made one that includes video gaming as its center. The DAARC program uses video gaming to engage learners in an avatar based airway management educational tool. The DAARC program introduces the Vortex approach airway management cognitive aid that the whole team including; RT, nursing, critical care, EM and anesthesia can readily understand and use. DAARC also incorporates the use of waveform ETCO2 monitoring for off floor airway management and integrates a simple open front of neck airway for failed airways. This program consists of videos, simulations, pod casts and the educational video games.  It won “best in show” at the International Meeting for Simulation in Healthcare in 2017 and has been approved for ABA MOCA part 2 and 4 credits. So here is how to give it a go.


You will need internet explorer or safari and to download the Unity web player. 

It will not work on a VA computer.